Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It is approaching the middle of December. Here on the coast of Southern Oregon, it is time for the Hellebores to bloom. Some of my favorite flowers, blooming in the cold.

I am still alive, still knitting!

Waiting for a new faster Internet connection to be installed, we will be geting "Wild Blue" satellite soon, should be about 10 times faster. With this dial-up, we are getting left in the dust and composing for the blog is getting slower.
But I have been busy:

The two shawls went to my two
Aunts in South Dakota. The giant slippers still need to be felted, as does the hat for my uncle Rudy that ended up WAY too big! The skeins of yarn are dyes with mushrooms, cedar bark, and alder berries.
And I can't move the pictures around to save my soul for some reason!
Diva is doing better all the time, but still gets limpy when we push her too hard.
Ravelry is keeping me way too busy as well, what a cool cool site!