Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloody Stupid is Right!

Finished a particularly time consuming hat this weekend, BS Johnson from the Winter Knitty. I will ADMIT I altered it to make it fit tighter since it is intended as a chemo hat. But the math just doesn't make it attaching the cabled band to the half knit hat. The edge stitches of the band are ({6x16} (96) plus {3x16} (48) plus 20 = 164. Three quarters of 164 (the pick up rate along the hat edge) is 123. This is nine stitches off. At least the designer could have mentioned this uneven p/u rate instead of detailing it finely on the pattern. I altered it to 120 stitches and it fit better, but still ended up stitches off. But it sure makes me understand that I am a PROCESS not a PRODUCT knitter.
Lovely hat, by the way. I have never used Cascade Indulgence, and it is heavenly soft.

But, on an interesting note, it did snow here yesterday, all day, on and off. The euphorbia seemed to like it!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rain and my Favorite Search Engines!

Wish I could figure our how to make the rain fall on this image that I got from Stumbleupon. Well, later for that.

But - here are two search engines (I think the same guys make both of them) that I love because they present results like I think):

But I DID manage to figure out how to take a screen shot of Kartoo's results for "Ravelry" - but you lose some of the excitement of just passing your cursor over all the parts and seeing the connections. Try it!

>kartoo screenshot