Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eyes Too Big

Eyes too big for my mouth. Seem to be forever taking on more than time will allow. Spring is here, the grass is literally as high as most of the rose bushes I have neglected to prune. And I sit inside on these sunny days, knitting. Felted slippers for friends of friends, as a barter for a new diz, as auction items for Scholarship Fund at the May Mensa RG in Portland.

Really, this morning I just completed my 13th pair, and have two more to do. I may be done with this particular pattern for a while!

My new Forsyth Combs are sitting at the PO waiting for a pick up, and this last week has brought three fleeces, a lovely mixed grey CVM as well as two icelandic, a black and an off white. Where is this time gonna come from?

On a more fun side, the fibonacci shawl is done. I added a lace edge to it, now I have to block it. Of course, that will entail moving Diva off her favorite snoozing spot, the bed in the front room.

My good friend Melody drug me thrift store shopping and and scored this cotton sweater for 99 cents! I am gonna try to decipher the pattern and maybe knit a blanket with it. It is very fine machine knitted, but with all those full-fashioned details a knitter loves.

Off to do a gauge swatch for the black cashmere scarf I am doing for my brother. Trying to simplify, simplify (and have something I can knit without actually having to constantly read the pattern!