Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Miss Diva and continued Knitting!

Diva developed a terrible limp, bilaterally, when we got home from Tahoe. It seemed not to be related to exercise or activity. We took her to our local Vet who took x-rays and said that it looked like a defect of the cartilage in her right elbow and gave us a referral to a Vet in Portland who can do the surgery arthroscopically.

Dr. McCarthy and his staff could not have been more professional or caring. Diva went for surgery two weeks ago today. She had cartilage removal of both elbows and shoulders. We have been keeping her quite quiet, not hard for a Bull Mastiff. We go for suture removal on Friday, and I think she is ready for more activity. It is nice, she no longer limps, but in reality, she is not walking much either. But that is NOT by her choice. Meanwhile, I am knitting up a storm. Amanda's sweater .
Finishing the embroidery on it seems to be taking forever, and I don't really know why. I have finished two shawls, my black MS3 and the "Syrian" from Victorian Lace.
And now I am working on the Secret of Chrysopolis as well as my version of Icelandic Lace from Knitting Daily. I am using all those fair-isle yarns I bought at such a good price and that I am beginning to realize I will never really create an actual fitted garment with.

Memo to self - just cause they are Wonderful colors - just a couple of skeins will become hard
to deal with in a stash!

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