Sunday, May 18, 2008

TWO FO'S (finally!)

My Fibonacci Faroese by MMario has been done for a while, just took me some time to block it: It is very soft, quite warm, and a real disappointment in the color category. Very expensive yarn from Artyarns, and just not satisfactory, color wise. And after I blocked it, the "raw silk" smell was really prevalent.

The beige one is from my handspun Romeldale from White Barn Farms in MI, and is an original design, using Ms. Zimmerman's PI formula and Susanna Lewis's lace patterns. It was my experiment in spinning lace and plying it for softness. I think I've got it now, and am planning to purchase an electric spinning wheel from Alden for future plying. I can get behind SPINNING lace, but the plying just bores me, and really bothers my fascietis (does that never go away? - 15 years!).
I am happy with both, particularly since I get to start TWO MORE PROJECTS now!

I wonder, I am on TWITTER. Most of the people I am following are on Ravelry. What is this fascination with indy and NASCAR? I must be missing something!

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Lisa said...

Yowza!! ANOTHER gorgeous shawl (the gray Pi.) I'm gonna have to go back and read your entire blog now to see what other goodies you've done. Only I'm cleaning up the Sewing Room Hellhole, so when I finish that, I'm going to go spin some of the fiber I'd forgotten I have (yeah, you've been there, right?)

And speaking of Pi, I have cherries and a crust in the refrigerator....