Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Vacation at Tahoe

I can't believe all the WPI's I brought to work on. As it is, the wonderfully easy and portable "Syrian" shawl from "Victorian Knits Today" fits the bill for knitting on the beach. Thank you Moni for the idea! You can get distracted and easily get right back to knitting. Yes, I stole that display idea from "Yarn Harlot".

Tahoe is wonderful, as always. Particularly now, since many California schools started this week and most of the crowds are gone. I always forget how very dry it is here, humidity of 37%. After these last 5 years on the Oregon coast, it is very bizarre to hang a wet towel on the porch and have it dry by morning!

I will be happy to get home however. Diva has developed a bad itchy area over her right shoulder, and is scratching it bigger and bigger.

I am hoping it is from leftover soap from her bath and not from anxiety about being drug 12 hours in a car to a strange place with visitors.

I also want to get home and finish spinning my yarn for "Hanami". On the day we left I received both new bobbins from Alden and they are slick!

But for now, I am gonna go and sit at the beach and knit. Later we will take Diva to Kings Beach to the dog friendly beach. I think she may need some "dog" time.


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I was there! Great view of your project in the midst of beautiful scenery!

Nautical Knitter said...

My favorite place to knit! Enjoy your vacation.