Thursday, August 9, 2007

Too Much Lace? Never!

I find I have become infatuated with lace of late. Here are the 4 WIP's. The black and white are both Mystery Stole 3. The black is lace merino and I plan to go with Melanie's asymmetrical design, though the eyelet row seems to disturb the flow of the design. The white cashmere one I am making into an oblong one with one pointed and one curved end. I so became sure the theme was honeybees that I am incorporating the honeybee pattern from Barbara Walker's second book, page 273. I spent much of the day designing the last half of the shawl and now can't wait to finish it. The blue triangular shawl is the Syrian Pattern, page 130 in "Victorian Lace Today". I read Moni's blog about how easy it was to knit and relaxing with it's memorable pattern. Two balls of KnitPicks alpaca/silk, you can't go wrong!

The giant crumpled brown mass is my circular shawl project. I purchased some CVM this spring (Cary - they are so close to you!) and had forgotten how wonderful the springy softness is. I started spinning some thinly for lace and then figured I could create my own circular lace shawl. This is to be a spinning "sampler" of sorts, for the FIRST time I am actually keeping track of how each succeeding skein of yarn was spun and plied. I am on the 10th skein and have finally perfected it, just enough twist for stitch definition. I found an obscure lace pattern in Susanna Lewis's lace book and incorporated the increases into the design itself, loosely using EZ's Pi formula. Aside from the obvious differences in the quality of the spun yarn, I washed and carded bit by bit, so they are all a different shade, I will have concentric colors. I NEVER have the patience to wash, card, or spin all at once. But - I only have about 20 more rows to go, but have been spinning it on my Alden Amos wheel, the flyer and favorite bobbin of which I just packed up and sent to him to have more bobbins made. What a lovely wheel.

The rose is my Mme. Isaac Perriere. So so fragrant, and yes, THAT screaming pink! I'd love to have it down here where I am writing about it, but haven't been able to figure out how to move pictures in Blogger. Besides, living in the the hinterlands, I can't TELL you what a strain dial-up is getting to be. We are being left in the dust!


Carissa said...

I found you via Cary's blog. I love all of your shawls in progress.I don't think that it is possible to have too much lace! I know what you mean about biting off more than you can chew. I need to spin up some batts I have carded for a shawl.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh that ROSE!!!! What a gorgeous photo!!!

And yes, your CVM fleece did come from very close to me...would you laugh to know that amongst my flock of Corriedales, I have a few Corriedale/CVM crosses? LOL!

Thanks for visiting my blog, too ;)