Monday, June 29, 2009

Pastaza “Doily” Blanket


I fell in love with this color of Pastaza, a aran weight single of llama/wool from Cascade shade #065.  While it is lovely and has a sumptuous hand, I find it far too heavy for a garment.  I have tried two different sweaters, a pullover and a cardigan, and made pretty good progress both times before realizing the stitch definition just wasn’t what I wanted and the the final sweater would just be too heavy, and far too warm, for use by me.


Brooklyn Tweed has his circular blanket pattern “Girasole” for sale, and is suitable for this weight yarn .  In looking around this lace library I have been acquiring, I decided I could design my own.  But I don’t want a circular blanket, I want a rectangular one.


I began with a free knitted doily pattern I found online, with a center spiral motif  “Egeblad”.


And I followed the progression of the central “X” in the square shawl “Galveston”.  (thank you “bumblebeeBaby” from Ravelry!)


But instead, I am making more of an elongated X, each leg of the x consisting of an extension of one of the ten center spiral motifs, like this:


For the lace pattern in the plain sections between the “legs”  I am scattering some “Cat’s Paw” variants:


I think you can see One of the  legs with the repeating center spiral motif going off the the right, and the Cat’s Paw inserted in the plain knitting to the left. 

On skein down, 14 more to go.  I am enjoying this knitting, big size 10 needles, pretty mindless once you get the rhythm, and a lovely feel to the knitting.  I am especially looking forward to picking the lace border and edging.  Less is more with this weight yarn.

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